Workplace Wellness

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace


Workplace Wellness

Your employees are your biggest asset – investing in their wellbeing is a win-win. Prioritising workplace wellness is beneficial for the employer and the employees.

The wellbeing of employees is significant for responsible employers. Prioritising workplace wellness will ensure your staff are as productive, efficient, engaged and motivated as possible. With the help of workplace wellbeing professionals, employers can significantly reduce staff turnover and improve staff retention whilst simultaneously boosting workplace morale.

In 2020, it was reported that Absenteeism and Presenteeism costs UK businesses over £100bn annually – a figure that is expected to have increased following the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Links Wellness, we provide a range of mental wellbeing services that can be tailored to each client. This includes workplace wellbeing packages delivered by mental health experts.

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Is Poor Mental Health Impacting Your Business?

Our Workplace Wellness Programme (WWP) works with your business to ensure that your workforce are in optimum condition. For it to be as effective as possible, each Workplace Wellness Programme is bespoke not only to your business but to each individual employee.

Our qualified team of mental wellbeing experts work closely with your team to create a programme that prioritises the needs of your team and the requirements of your business.

Our Workplace Wellness Programmes

Where appropriate, our Workplace Wellbeing Programme includes:

Assessment sessions with stakeholders to ascertain business requirements

Individual assessment sessions with all employees to understand current wellbeing

Solution-driven Personal Development Plans (PDP) for employees – focussed on overall wellbeing, development and growth and not solely focussed on numbers/targets.

Members area access – pick the brains of our personal trainers and mindset coaches and make use of our live and pre-recorded yoga, HiiT & guided meditation classes

Confidential daily mood monitoring

Wellness initiatives – virtual and in-house

Exclusive discounts on Links Wellness services as well as discounts on other products and services provided by our affiliates

Workshops – covering such things as stress management & problem solving skills etc

Monthly e-newsletter providing helpful info on all things physical and mental health

At Links Wellness we focus on your employees as individuals who have lives outside of work too. Try as they might to prevent it, sometimes what is going on outside work can impact what happens inside work. Employees feel much more comfortable opening up to and addressing personal issues with an independent person compared to a manager/team leader and the results are much more effective.

Entrusting our qualified coaches with your employees wellbeing will reap rewards for both employer and employee.

If you’re interested in seeing how our Workplace Wellness Programme can work for your business, fill out the contact form and we’ll send you an information pack.

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