Every single one of us would benefit from having an outlet to talk through the things that bother us. Sadly though the cost of most private therapy sessions means that it isn’t accessible for every single one of us and that is a big problem. Read on to see why we think therapy needs to be affordable for all.

Is therapy a necessity?

Sadly no therapist can guarantee a positive outcome as there are so many variables involved. That being said though, the vast majority of people get significant benefits from talking with a therapist.

Having an impartial person to discuss things with is an invaluable resource. We often struggle to make sense of a lot of our thoughts when we keep them trapped, circulating in our own heads. We can make much more sense of things when we get those thoughts out. Talking them through, even if you think you might not be making much sense as you do.

Using a professional to get your thoughts in order is an invaluable resource

This is why therapy is a necessity. Unfortunately, it is often priced like a luxury. That is why we need more affordable therapy options. To allow the masses to access it and get the benefit from it.

Can you access therapy for free?

Here in the UK we are fortunate to have the NHS who do offer free talking therapy and counselling services. Referrals can be made by a GP but you can also refer yourself directly. They offer in person sessions, video calls, phone calls and online self-help courses.

As I’m sure you can imagine there is a HUGE demand for these free services. In 2021 the NHS received 4.3 million referrals for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Mix in chronic underfunding and understaffing with this extreme demand and this results in a lot of desperate people, trapped on an ever increasing waiting list. Even some of the people in extreme crisis are facing 12-18 week waits but it is not uncommon to wait over 12 months to start talking therapy.

Have a read here for an insight in to life on the NHS mental health waiting list.

What is the cost of private therapy?

For in-person private therapy sessions you can pay in the region of £70/£80 per session. Some even charging upwards of £120+ per session. This is just simply not affordable for most people. This is increasing the demand and pressure on the NHS or is simply forcing people to try and cope alone.

Now more than ever, we can’t allow cost to be a barrier to mental health support. The current pricing of a lot of private therapy makes it only accessible for the wealthy. That is just not right. The cost of living crisis means people are struggling both financially and mentally. We need a solution to ensure people can access the support they need and why therapy must be affordable.

The LINKS Wellness answer to affordable therapy

So at the moment you have oversubscribed free services via the NHS at one end of the spectrum; expensive private sessions at the other. There was nothing in the middle ground that delivered affordable, accessible and effective therapy … until now.

It was time to offer something that provided support for people and was affordable enough to be used on a regular basis. That is when the LINKS Wellness Membership option was born. A regular outlet with a professional, impartial sounding board to help people navigate the issues that they are facing. No waiting lists; no expensive fees. Affordable therapy priced so that it is in reach of the many and not the few.

Making therapy accessible to the many and not the few

Your mental health impacts you day-to-day more than anything else. If you can’t afford to invest £20 towards your mental health, and all the benefits that can have, is that a question of affordability? Or is it a question of priorities?

Not only will this support those in need,  currently excluded by the high cost of private therapy. It will also help to normalise therapy. Allowing people to use it proactively. The earlier you can access therapy, the less likely you are to see your mental health decline. So don’t wait until you’re in crisis to seek out support.

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Founder of Links Wellness CBT Practitioner/Mindset Specialist