Wellness in Sport

A good Sport Mindset Coach is the difference between being good and being great


Qualified Sport Wellness Coach

One thing that is consistent and needed by all sportspeople, regardless of their sport, is a finely tuned mindset.

Any sportsperson knows that in order to excel in your sport, you need so much more than physical talent. Training your body is just one part of becoming an exceptional athlete, the other part lies in the mind. There are a series of psychological characteristics that must be developed to excel in your sport, these include mental focus, emotional control and drive.

Links Wellness offers a range of wellbeing services, including bespoke mindset coaching for sportspeople. Working with one of our qualified sport mindset coaches can elevate you to the next level and take you beyond good technical performance. We understand that each individual requires different types of support to achieve the mindset they are working towards.

Whether you’re an individual sportsperson looking for that competitive edge or a team manager/coach looking how to get the best out of yourself and your team, working with one of our qualified Sports Mindset Coaches can unlock the door to new opportunity and success.

What To Expect From Your Sport Mindset Coach:

1-2-1 in-person/online coaching sessions

Tailormade programmes

Regular check-ins

General tips and advice

Motivation boosts and accountability

At Links Wellness we put you at the centre of everything. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here.

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