Relaxation Therapy

A calm mind is the ultimate weapon against life’s challenges


Relaxation Therapy

We don’t need to tell you about the benefits of a little bit of relaxation therapy, or as we'd like to call it, “me-time". You know that me-time is essential...but the problem is finding the time, right? Making time for yourself shouldn’t be a luxury … it’s a necessity.

Not making time for yourself is the same as not stopping for fuel because you’re too busy driving – that approach will catch up with you at some point. Here at Links Wellness, we strive to offer affordable relaxation therapy amongst other mental wellness services to help you improve your mental and physical wellness.

“It’s better to voluntarily make time for your wellness than it is to be forced to make time for an illness”

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For a free consultation with one of our relaxation therapy experts, please fill out the contact form or call us on 0161 948 5030 and we can suggest an appropriate treatment.

Relaxation Therapy Options From Links Wellness

At Links Wellness we understand the value of relaxation. As well as helping you unwind, escape and de-stress, it can also help you gain clarity. This in turn will allow fresh perspectives that you might need in order to overcome roadblocks in your life. Our relaxation therapy can be provided as part of an ongoing, mental maintenance solution at the affordable price. Check out our Membership options to find out more.


Massage epitomises the Links Wellness approach. It perfectly encapsulates physical and mental health benefits for overall improved wellbeing. Massage treatments can be provided in one of our relaxing studios or in the comfort of your own home. Below are some of the benefits of a massage as a relaxation therapy:

Reduced muscle tension/pain

Improved recovery from muscular/soft tissue injury

Increased circulation

Boosted toxin removal

Boosted excess fluid removal

Boosted immune system

Improved skin condition

Improved sleep quality

Reduce anxiety


Improved clarity and mental alertness

Stress Reduction

For a free consultation with one of our relaxation therapy experts, please fill out the contact form. Or call us on 0161 948 5030 and we can suggest an appropriate treatment.

Guided meditation and breathwork

Guided meditation is the practice of achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state of mind. With our help, you can achieve ultimate relaxation through guided meditation.

Popular misconceptions are that it’s all robes, crossed legs, humming and gongs. In reality as long as you are comfortable, free from distractions and able to focus, you can practice meditation almost anywhere. Meditation has a wide range of scientifically-proven benefits and can significantly improve your overall mental wellness.

Most meditation practices involve some form of breathwork. Breathwork helps improve your focus and frees you from distraction. Regular breathwork exercises also help to reduce anxiety symptoms.

Links Wellness offers 1-2-1 guided meditation sessions as well as group classes. For the foreseeable, both options will only be offered virtually via video conferencing.

Interested in seeing how guided meditation and breath work could help you? Fill out the contact form and we can get to know your requirements and let you know how we can meet them.

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