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Mental Health Coaching

You don't have to be in crisis to seek guidance from a therapist. We want to encourage people to be proactive with their mental health and utilise therapy in a proactive way too. With our mental health coaching from LINKS Wellness, you can learn effective ways to cope with daily struggles, build resilience and improve your overall mental wellness.

"I couldn’t recommend it more to work with Phil at Links Wellness! Honestly it has changed my life. I struggled with panic attacks, I was having them every day and it was effecting everything in my life, but since I have been doing sessions with Phil I haven’t had one since. He really does get to core of the problem in these sessions and makes you understand how you got there in the first place and how to stop them!"

Connor - Previous therapy client; now Member

Why Choose LINKS Wellness For Mental Health Coaching?

Seeing a therapist is thankfully becoming more and more commonplace and here at Links Wellness we are doing all we can to normalise therapy. We make it affordable, accessible and effective for you.

With mental health coaching, our therapists can assist you to manage and overcome any mental health hurdles that may have developed. Our practical, solution-driven approach is particularly suited to helping you manage Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Stress, Anger, Grief, Phobias, Addictions, Relationship Issues, Body Confidence and Goal Setting to name but a few.

“When you swap “I” for “WE”, illness becomes wellness

"Having never done anything like this before and not being used to speaking so openly about my feelings, I really appreciated Phil’s welcoming approach. Not only did the sessions we have together help address the issues in my relationship it helped me gain new perspectives on life as a whole. I am forever grateful for this experience and will be sure to use Phil’s services again if and when required."

James - Previous therapy client

What's Included?

Looking to work towards a specific goal? Manage an existing mental health issue? Understand yourself better? Or just want to prioritise & improve your mindset? One of the qualified therapists at LINKS Wellness can help you! Our mental health coaching service includes:

1-2-1 in-person/online therapy sessions

In-person sessions available in Sale, South Manchester and remote online sessions available via multiple video-call platforms

A professional, impartial sounding board

Challenge existing thoughts & behaviours constructively to deliver long-term, sustainable, positive change

Additional text/Whatsapp support

Your therapist is there to support you whenever they can and not just during your scheduled session. They are always just one message away

Session availability during the day, evenings & weekends

You won't be waiting months for a session with LINKS Wellness

A safe space

Feel heard and understood. With our professional therapists you can remove all your masks and be unapologetically your true self without any fear of judgement for how you're currently thinking or feeling

"Where do I start, Phil instantly made my journey relaxed and at ease with the setting and his professionalism and after 4 sessions come out the other side feeling so much the better and yeah feel it's something I wish I had done much earlier. Highly highly recommend! Big thanks Phil."

Michael - Previous therapy client

Our Prices

Single Sessions


In-person OR Online Sessions

4 Session Block


4 sessions for the price of 3!

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For an even more affordable route to therapy, why not consider our membership option – here you can get 1 x 45 min therapy session each month for just £20/month.

To read about others experiences of our services why not read our Google Reviews

We don’t advise you to go in to therapy expecting your therapist to give you answers. Your answers won’t be found in a text book. They are unique to you and your circumstances but what your therapist will do though is help you find your own answers.

Your therapist has the expertise to help you find keys that unlock doors you might currently think are locked forever. They can also assist in developing coping mechanisms that will not just help you manage current issues but that you can call back on as and when needed in the future too. Life-long lessons and practical tools.

"Over the past couple of months Phil has helped me get to a completely better state mentally. He has helped me through the hardest and darkest period of my life without question. Without a doubt worth every penny. Would definitely recommend anyone that is thinking about therapy to go for it."

Tom - Previous therapy client

By specialising in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), our dedicated therapists can help you tackle how you think/perceive certain situations which is the cognition element. As well as what your resulting behaviours might be. Looking to replace any unhealthy/unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours with ones that better serve you and your overall wellbeing.

Talking through your thoughts and feelings with an impartial third party is a great way to help process what is going on in your head and your life. Sometimes troubling thoughts can make complete sense when they just go round and round in your own head. It’s only when you talk about them and challenge them that you can start to gain a whole new perspective.

At Links Wellness we put you at the centre of everything. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. For a free 30 min assessment consultation, fill out the contact form and we can get to know your requirements and let you know how we can meet them.

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