It can be daunting looking for the right therapy for you and even harder to find one that’s within budget. It’s not overly accessible for everyone and that is incredibly unfortunate when you consider how beneficial it is for us to have someone to talk to about things. There are sources out there that are available, though, including free and low-cost therapy.

The Importance of Therapy

Positive outcomes can’t be guaranteed by any therapist because of how many variables are involved. However, there are multiple benefits to going to therapy sessions because talking does help. Talking therapies can help with difficult aspects of life like dealing with depression, managing harmful emotions and behaviours, or coping with a past traumatic experience or event.

When we voice out our thoughts, we can make more sense of what we’re thinking rather than keeping them in our own head and struggling.

Many issues and concerns that people face, from anxiety to addiction to bereavement, might be helped by talking to a therapist . Sometimes, it can be easier to talk to a stranger than to a friend. During talking therapy, a trained therapist will listen to you and help you find answers to your problems in a constructive and non-judgemental way. Whether you need the space and time to cry, to shout or to talk, talking therapy gives you the chance to sound out your issues or concerns with someone who can offer a different perspective that’s still respectful of your own opinions.

Accessing Free Therapies Through The NHS

The NHS offers talking therapies for free to anyone in the UK. Talking therapies are also known as psychological therapies and they are confidential treatments which are delivered by fully trained and accredited NHS practitioners. They can help with some common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Referrals are generally made by a GP but what makes this service so great is that you can refer yourself directly. Their talking therapy sessions can be held in person, via phone calls, as video calls, and through online self-help courses.

Our amazing NHS offer free mental health support but the service is hugely over-subscribed

Though we are very fortunate to have the NHS offering free services, that also means that the demand is exceptionally high. Unfortunately, the ever-increasing demand combined with understaffing and underfunding means a lot of people are stuck on waiting lists. Lists which, more often than not, take weeks or several months until people are getting the help that they asked for.

Free Therapies Offered By Charities

The NHS may be the UK’s largest provider of free therapy in the country but they aren’t the only provider of free therapy.

Local charities, like Mind offer free therapy, too. They have centres across England and Wales that run free mental health services, sometimes even helping to deliver NHS services, too. Just find your local Mind centre and use their website or visit in person to know what services they offer.

Mental Health Matters (MHM) is another charity that offers a free counselling service, by telephone, and talking therapies in some areas.

Anxiety UK offers talking therapies for anxiety. Though they have a fee, they do offer a reduced cost for those on low incomes.

Is Low-Cost Therapy Too Good To Be True?

No. Or at least, it doesn’t need to be.

Our answer to low-cost therapy is this: LINKS Wellness. An affordable route to improving your mental health and wellbeing.

Private therapy can also be low-cost therapy

There are the free services via the NHS and other mental health charities, and there are the private therapy sessions which cost upwards of £60 or more per session. LINKS Wellness sits very neutral in the middle ground, delivering therapy that isn’t only affordable but accessible and effective.

Not everyone has the patience to be on the waiting list for talking therapy sessions with an NHS practitioner but not everyone has the money to pay for a private session. That’s how the LINKS Wellness Membership option came to be. Helping people navigate their issues and challenges with a professional, impartial sounding board on a regular basis.

There are no waiting lists, no expensive fees. Just you, your therapist and an affordable monthly fee. Our affordability doesn’t just help those who are excluded by private therapy costs, it helps to normalise therapy too. Allowing more people to use it proactively.

For £20 month, invest in improving your mental health and wellbeing today. The earlier you reach out for support, the earlier you can begin your journey to improved mental health.

Complete the form on our contact page for a consultation call to see whether you might benefit from our cost-effective membership – it’s completely FREE! Alternatively, you can send us an email via or call 0161 948 5030.



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