Whether you are suffering from the symptoms of a mental health illness or struggling with the everyday challenges of the rollercoaster that is life, a mental coach can help you with your mental health, take control of your life and unlock your full potential.

We like to compare ourselves with personal trainers. If you need some direction in the gym to improve your physical health, you hire yourself a PT and that’s no different with your mental health. A mental coach supports you and helps you take control of your wellbeing.

In this Links Wellness blog, we’d like to showcase to you the importance of how can a mental coach can help with mental health and, more importantly, how you can achieve your full potential.

What Is Mental Health Coaching?

A Mental Coach focusses on your mental wellbeing, and with an integrative approach they help you improve as an individual. Mental health coaches help you identify areas of your life that may be causing you stress or anxiety and help you develop coping mechanisms and resilience.

Whilst our mental coaches are qualified therapists, rather than seeing their services as therapy tackling specific problems, proactive coaching is a supportive take on mental maintenance and helps clients develop their own solutions to the challenges they are facing. Mental coaches set goals and create action plans that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

What are the limitations of Mental Health Coaching?

We don’t diagnose mental health disorders like a doctor or clinical psychologist can. They’re trained and equipped to diagnose mental health conditions; coaches & therapists cannot do this. If you need a medical assessment and diagnosis, your first port of call should be your GP.

We can’t prescribe medication. Doctors, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners can prescribe medication for mental health, alongside therapy, which distinguishes them from several other types of mental health professionals (including mental health coaches).

We like to focus on your present and future. Whilst your past may well play a crucial part, mental health coaches concentrate on your goals for the future, the kind of person you want to be, where you want your life to go and, most importantly, how we can then help you achieve this.

How Mental Coaching Improves Mental Health

1-2-1 mental coaching positively impacts wellbeing!

Mental Coaching is a highly personalised and bespoke wellbeing programme. There is no one size fits all approach. It accounts for how different we each are, our lifestyles, preferences, needs and contexts. It also can be seen as an improvement tool because a coach can help support wellbeing directly during sessions and can guide you to optimal strategies between sessions, as well as define what success looks like to you, and keep you accountable.

Coaching is powerful because it is a standalone intervention that can adapt to any individual circumstance and meet you where you are. It doesn’t carry stigma like clinical support services and by nature, it is designed to empower the individual.

And now, the science behind coaching for mental wellbeing improvement is building to answer foundational questions about the impact that can help people and organisations know how long to commit, what progress looks like, and when to expect results.

Links Wellness Member: Improving Your Mental Wellbeing

If you want to proactively work on your mental health and wellbeing then a Links Wellness membership is the way forward. We are normalising mental health coaching, making it affordable, accessible, effective and we’d like you to join us on our journey.

As a Links Wellness member, you’ll get access to the resources you need to get into prime condition mentally. Getting you to the healthy end of the mental health spectrum and keeping you there, despite what curved balls life might throw your way. You will have access to all this.

Your problems are our problems and together we’ll solve them.

Your goals are our goals and together we’ll achieve them.

We hope we have answered your question How Can A Mental Coach Help With Mental Health? If you’re ready to kickstart your overall wellbeing journey, you can email us at info@links-wellness.com, call us on 0161 948 5030, or head over to the contact page and get in touch by filling out our form.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey!



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