It is with mixed emotions that I must inform you of my intention to quit my role as a therapist. The last 3+ years have been incredible. Helping 100s of individuals to lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. It has been a pleasure and an honour to do so.

My passion to help people overcome their struggles and develop themselves has always been my driver and to do so in an affordable way that is accessible to most people. That was the reason for setting up our affordable therapy option, the LINKS Wellness Membership, which I’m immensely proud of and has proven to be a lifeline for some and a life-changer for many.

However, I recently became aware of something that is an absolute game-changer in the mental health space. It makes the need for therapy, and therefore the need for me as a therapist, redundant and I want to share it with you today…

Black Tourmaline

Being immersed in mental health support for many years, I was amazed that I was only just being made aware of this mind-blowing breakthrough now by an ex-reality tv contestant turned influencer in a #NotAnAdHonestly post on their Instagram.

If, like me, this is news to you, allow me to explain. Black Tourmaline is the “Negativity Blocking Crystal”. It “Can help you get rid of negative thoughts and is believed to be a powerful protection stone against negativity from others too”. *Allegedly

A black tourmaline string bracelet that stops negative thoughts

The answer to all your negative thinking!

So you pop on this bit of string with some shiny black pebbles on it and *poof* your negative thoughts are no more! So now that I’m aware of this, I can’t, in all good faith, take money off people and work through past events with them, that have embedded and created belief systems that exaggerate their negative thinking about situations and themselves, when all they really need to do is wear a bracelet!

Ok, so I’m hoping by now you’ve realised I’m not quitting as a therapist. I am being a smidge sarcastic, which if you know me well, you’ll know isn’t like me at all 😊. This was all a little ploy to highlight how the oversimplification of addressing and fixing mental health issues is starting to become an issue.

Oversimplification of solutions leads to unhealthy expectations and frustration

Do you honestly believe that a piece of rock on a string has the ability to eradicate the human condition that is the negativity bias? Even with therapy, you won’t get rid of negative thoughts. You will however understand them better and, as a result, be able to manage them and respond to them in a much healthier way so their impact is reduced.

The only power these crystals hold is the power to separate vulnerable people from their money. If you do believe they work and you’re a living, breathing example of it, then drop me a DM and I’ll explain the science behind the placebo effect and confirmation bias.

Cartoon reeling someone in and taking their money

Be wary of bold claims for mental health issues

Your mental health is complex and it is unique to you. Yet we will immerse ourselves in so much generic advice and just hope that it works. Stop looking for quick fixes, silver bullets and magic remedies. If you really want an effective route out of your mental health struggles then get some targeted advice and support that is bespoke to your needs, your resources and your capabilities.

How can we help you?

Everyone would benefit from therapy … an audacious claim you may feel (but not in the same league as negativity-blocking rocks) but I genuinely believe this is true. However, you can’t normalise therapy without normalising the cost of it too. This is exactly what we have done with our full range of affordable therapy options, including our £20/month pay-as-you-go therapy membership.

To discuss your situation and get some advice that is relevant to you, fill in your details on our contact page and we’ll be in touch to arrange a free consultation call. Alternatively email us or call us on 0161 948 5030

And for the avoidance of doubt, I’m not quitting therapy … in fact I feel like I’m only just getting started!



Founder of Links Wellness CBT Practitioner/Mindset Specialist