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Our Mission

Links Wellness delivers effective, accessible and affordable therapy; the results of which will ripple through all areas of our clients lives.

Our dedicated team will work with you to get you to the healthy end of the mental health spectrum and arm you with coping mechanisms to help you stay there.

At Links Wellness we are reimagining what it means to be healthy. We don’t simply want to help you survive; we want to proactively encourage you to thrive by delivering affordable therapy that’s accessible to the many and not just the few.


Why Prioritise Your Mental Health?

Day to day your mental health impacts you more than anything else.

The relationship with yourself is one that you can not escape so it’s important to do what is necessary to make it a healthy one.

Improved mental health benefits you and those around you too. If you’re in a good place mentally, your whole world benefits.

Links Wellness believes that being mentally healthy is a necessity, not a luxury, which is why delivering affordable therapy options is key to our mission.


How Can We Help You?

Links Wellness’ range of affordable therapy solutions caters for all requirements and budgets making access to therapy easier than ever.

Having access to an impartial, professional therapist and wellbeing coach can help in both tackling underlying issues and dealing with the ups and downs of life, as it happens.

Our full network of physical and mental wellbeing professionals also means we can tackle other areas of concern and approach your wellbeing on multiple levels.

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Our Services

Mental Coaching

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Workplace Wellness

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Physical Coaching

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Relaxation Therapy

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Wellness in Sport

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Membership Options

Do you want a route to affordable therapy and mental wellbeing support? Prioritise your mental health with a regular, monthly therapy session

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